The Charity Mentoring Network for charity organisations 

Any organisation in the UK third sector can join the Charity Mentoring Network (CMN).

Members can invite their staff and volunteers to either register as a mentor or a mentee, or both. They’ll automatically be matched to a selection of people either offering or looking for support in specific topics.

Membership for third sector organisations includes:

    Mentor matching

    Access to a trusted PushFar platform, which allows you to match your staff and volunteers to mentors and mentees across the UK third sector. The platform has Cyber Essentials Plus certification and is fully GDPR compliant, with all data hosted within the EU.


    Reports can be provided to track the progress of your organisation’s mentoring activity. Reports track engagement, all whilst maintaining mentoring confidentiality.

    Support and resources

    Technical support will be on hand during normal working hours. Monthly, virtual mentoring training is also provided. We share a comprehensive knowledge base, including a welcome pack to help get your organisation started.

    Why mentoring?

    Mentoring is a highly impactful way to develop your workforce. It can contribute to more empowered, engaged, happier workers and more effective, productive organisations.

    Around a million people work in the third sector in the UK, with millions more volunteering. Just imagine how powerful it would be to share all that collective wisdom, to support one another!

    Want to find out more about the network?

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